Therapeutic Music

Wendy is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) who graduated in the Music for Healing & Transition Program 11/24/09. She plays mountain or hammered dulcimer bedside for patients and residents at assisted living places, hospice, hospitals, or in people's homes.

Offering Therapeutic Music Sessions

Wendy Grethen, C.M.P.

Restoring music for the body & soul

Soothing music played on dulcimers for Alzheimer, dementia, pre- and post-surgery patients and loved ones

Music stimulates brainwaves, with fast beats making the mind more awake, alert and sharp. Slow music, on the other hand, calms the brain and makes it relax. Music also induces the autonomous nervous system to slow down breathing and heart rate, bringing the body to a more relaxed state. And with the body and mind relaxed, feelings of anxiety and depression are lessened.

Live soothing music played bedside to patients or to groups seeking to reduce stress and generate peace.

Live music resonates into the body.

Music may help in alleviating pain and stress.

Entrainment may occur -- where the rhythm of the music matches the rhythm of the body.

Music reaches where words cannot.

Arrange for a 30 to 45 minute session. Multi-sessions may be arranged.

Also available for retreat music, music during yoga or energy sessions, or background music at special events.

Wendy Grethen
Therapeutic Musician, C.M.P.
Dulcimer Player and enthusiast

(218) 525-5098