Classes & Lessons

Classes and Lessons

For general questions about classes call Wendy, 218 525 5098.

You can set up your own class or private lesson with Wendy.

Set up your own Dulcimer Class

For private lessons for hammered and mountain dulcimer contact Wendy.

Classes: Ages 7 and up. Instruments will be provided. Call 218-525-5098.

Learn to Play or Build a dulcimer & learn to play the mountain dulcimer classes are available within 75 miles of Duluth. Adults, children (age 7 and up) or a combination class are welcome. Call Wendy for more information 218-525-5098 or email


  1. Learn to Play the Mountain Dulcimer
    • Wendy will provide up to 10 mountain dulcimers for students to learn the basics of playing this American folk instrument.
    • Class duration: 90 minutes or it can be turned into a 2 hr, or multi-session class.
    • Class size: 7 to 10
    • Rates: Basic 90 minute introductory - price depends on size of class, contact Wendy for arrangements (see below).
  2. Build an instrument and Learn to Play
    • This course is part building skills and part art. Lots of fun!
    • Class duration: 3½ hours or multi-session.
    • Class size: 5 to 8
    • Class and material fees: Vary depending on kit options, inquire.

Contact: Wendy Grethen, 218-525-5098,,

Call to set up a workshop or find out when the next classes will be offered. Wendy Grethen has taught over 75 beginner mountain dulcimer classes and now also teaches classes where participants build a cardboard dulcimer. Wendy is also available to give demonstrations and concerts with mountain & hammered dulcimers and bowed psalteries. Wendy has wood dulcimers, songbooks, CDs and dulcimer accessories for sale. She also sells hammered dulcimers and plucked & bowed psalteries.